LGBTQ+ Adoption and Fostering Week 2021

It’s LGBTQ+ Adoption & Fostering Week (1 -7 March 2021) – we wanted to share some of the benefits of adopting a child with Adoption in Merseyside (AiM) and what other LGBTQ+ adopters have said about the service. We’re also proud to be members of New Family Social, the UK’s peer support network for some 5,000 adopters and foster carers who identify as lesbian, gay, bi or trans.


New Family Social Badge

New Family Social Membership

1 in 6 adoptions in England in 2020 were to same-sex couples. While the total number of adoptions in England fell to 3,440 in 2020, some 570 were to same-sex couples. This was an increase to the highest number of adoptions by same-sex couples to date, beating the previous high of 490 in 2019.



AiM has a dedicated support team that can help with the placing of the child/children all the way through until they are an adult. The agency’s membership of New Family Social gives our LGBT+ adopters access to dedicated online support and events. Any of our adopters who are LGBT + can apply for the network’s Gold membership, for free. New Family Social’s secure forum provides extra support for LGBT+ people going on the same adoption assessment journey and continues throughout their parenting. New Family Social also hosts online events to help encourage more LGBT+ people to explore adoption and fostering as routes to building their family.

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Female couple holding hands

Female couple holding hands