Support we give you

Every family who adopts is entitled to an assessment of their support needs at any time – regardless of the length of time after the actual adoption took place.


Our adoption support team is made up of social workers and support workers who will meet with you and discuss all the options available to you, and, through the assessment, identify packages of support which may be helpful for your family.


We also give you access to a dedicated phone line so you can speak to someone whenever you feel you need help.


What’s on offer?

Our team responds to the needs of children and their parents and a wide range of support can be offered – from general advice and information to direct work, training and group work.

    • Support groups – these allow parents to meet each other and gain an advanced understanding of their children’s difficulties and work on strategies that encourage change.
    • Direct work with children and young people – including anger and anxiety management, lifework, sessions on issues such as racial identity, self-esteem, trauma, abuse and how to tackle contact and attachment difficulties.
    • Training for parents – including lifework, therapeutic play, parenting programmes and sessions that look at race and identity.
    • Newsletters – to keep adopters updated on the latest developments, training and recourses available
    • Funding applications – currently from the Adoption Support Fund (ASF). These are for specific therapeutic interventions that have been identified through the Assessment of support needs, and are delivered by suitably qualified therapeutic providers.

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