Tyler, aged 5

Names: Tyler

Age: 5

Ethnicity: White Irish


Tyler is a talkative and excited little boy. He has brown hair and blue eyes and attaches to new people well. He enjoys playing with other children and being creative at school.

Little boy on bike


He plays well with other children but there is some developmental delay which has been recognised. His speech is slightly delayed, but it is coming on well. He currently has support in school with his learning.


Tyler was born premature and his mum drank alcohol during her pregnancy – he has been diagnosed with FASD (Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder).


Tyler loves to explore new places and being outdoors, he especially enjoys the beach and being on his bike. Max love animals and enjoys visits to the Zoo. Tyler currently lives with a dog so is used to having animals in the house.


We are looking for a two-parent family due to Tyler’s needs and preferably the only child in the household.


Any potential parents would need to keep in touch with birth family, this could be through letters or face-to-face. Tyler loves his dad and can get a bit worried thinking about saying goodbye to him. We want to help Tyler’s new family think of the best ways to keep in touch with his dad.


Every child has a different keeping-in-touch plan, but it’s important to maintain relationships with their birth family to help them understand their identity growing up.


*This profile is based on children we are currently family-finding for. This is not a real profile as names and images have been changed to protect their identity