Rosie and Leo

Names: Rosie and Leo

sister kissing brother

Siblings together on bed

Ages: 4 and 1

Ethnicity: White Irish


Rosie (4) and Leo (1) have always lived together and they have a great bond. Rosie has long fair hair and brown eyes. She is an energetic and enthusiastic girl who enjoys exploring and playing outside.


Rosie is protective over her little brother and always wants to know where he is.


Leo is a cuddly, smiley little boy. Leo has some developmental delays due to neglect. He is also currently going through an eye assessment as he may need glasses.


Leo was born 9 weeks premature. He is currently 12 months old but wears 3 months’ baby clothes.


This brother and sister really need to stay together. An ideal family would be active and willing to help both children thrive.


Indirect contact is currently in place and will need to be continued by the adoptive family.


*This profile is based on children we are currently family-finding for. This is not a real profile as names and images have been changed to protect their identity.