Max, aged 6

Name: Max

Age: 6

Ethnicity: White Irish

Young boy

Blue shirt and brown hair little boy


Max is a talkative and bubbly little boy. He has brown hair, blue eyes and an infectious smile.

He really enjoys playing with other children and being creative at school, his favourite subject is art.


Max’s mum drank alcohol during her pregnancy, and he has been diagnosed with FASD (Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder). His speech is slightly delayed, but it is coming on well. He currently has support in school with his learning and health professionals are pleased with his development.


Max loves to explore new places and be outdoors.  He likes playing with trucks and cars but especially enjoys the trampoline. His favourite book is Dinosaurs Love Underpants.


AiM are looking for a family who can provide a loving, nurturing home for Max. He will need a family who understand his needs, can offer sensitive parenting and can work with professionals to help him achieve his full potential.


*This is a profile based on children that we are currently family-finding for. This is not a real profile as names and images have been changed to protect their identity.