Lilly, 4 months

Name: Lily

baby on bed

baby on bed

Age: 4 months

Ethnicity: White British


Lily was born 8 weeks premature but is growing into a healthy baby. Lily is currently in a foster carer placement with lots of children so is used to a busy environment.


Lily is a small baby but has beautiful brown hair and blue eyes. She is easily soothed with cuddles and her favourite toys. She enjoys being rocked in her bouncer and having baths.


Lily currently has a good routine and wakes to be fed throughout the night every couple of hours.


A family that would be best suited for Lilly is a single applicant with strong support network or a couple. They would need to understand there could be some uncertainty about her health due to being born premature and unknown birth father.


Potential parents should also be aware that letterbox contact is in place.


*This is a profile based on children that we are currently family-finding for. This is not a real profile as names and images have been changed to protect their identity.