Emma, 3 months old

Name: Emma
Age: 3 months
Ethnicity: White British


Emma is a smiley little girl with lots of blond hair. She has a good routine but isn’t too keen on bath time. She really enjoys cuddles and needs lots of attention.


She enjoys listening to music and is currently living with other children. She wakes up several times a night to be fed.


There are no current concerns for Emma, however, there is some developmental uncertainty due to drug and alcohol misuse during pregnancy.


Emma could be placed with a family considering Fostering for Adoption. This means she can begin living with a family before the court case is finished.


Click here to find out more about Fostering for Adoption – https://adoptioninmerseyside.co.uk/types-of-adoption/


*This is a profile based on children that we are currently family-finding for. This is not a real profile as names and images have been changed to protect their identity.