Alisha, 2 years old

Name: Alisha

Age: 2 years oldEthnicity: White British

Alisha has long brown hair and big blue eyes. She also has a big smile which matches her bubbly personality.


Alisha enjoys playing with bubbles and doing crafts. Her favourite characters are Bluey and Peppa Pig. Alisha is very affectionate and enjoys cuddles.


Alisha is in good health. She has a slight delay with her walking and is using a walking frame to aid her – she is progressing well and physiotherapy is currently supporting her.


Alisha had surgery when she was first born to help with a heart condition which doesn’t need any more attention and has stabilised.


Any potential parents would need to keep in touch with birth family, this could be through letters or face-to-face. Alisha particularly loves seeing her grandma who is a very important person for her. We want to make sure Alisha can keep seeing her grandma a few times per year, maybe a day out in the park or a walk by the seaside.


Every child has a different keeping-in-touch plan, but it’s important to maintain relationships with their birth family to help them understand their identity growing up.


*This profile is based on children we are currently family-finding for. This is not a real profile as names and images have been changed to protect their identity