Natalia and Steve’s Story

Natalia and Steve always wanted children. They originally tried IVF, but, this was unsuccessful.


They didn’t give up on their dream of having a family and knew adoption would be their next best route.
Steve and Natalia's adoption journey

Natalie and Steve enjoying parenthood

They attended an information session, and a social worker came to visit them at their home.
Natalia had been previously diagnosed with a mental health condition, Bipolar disorder.
This was well managed with medication and didn’t stop Natalia from progressing forward with the adoption process.
“I was a little worried about how my mental health condition would be perceived. But, I didn’t need to worry. Our social worker supported me and we were honest and open throughout.”
Disabilities and mental health conditions can often be perceived as a barrier to adoption, but this isn’t necessary always the case.
There may be times when the agency feels that someone’s mental health or disability is not stable enough to parent an adopted child.  This would be considered early on in the process with the input of medical professionals and the wider support network.*
During the stage 1 process, they attended the 3 day preparation training. Steve mentioned that this was his favourite part.
“We were able to meet other prospective adopters going through the same process. We are still really good friends with parents from the training and meet with them as often as we can”.
Natalia and Steve reached the panel stage and became approved adopters.
They were matched with their little girl and made that transition from the foster carers house to their home within 10 days.
A couple of years later, they adopted for a second time. They adopted a little boy and now their family is complete.

They now attend family festivals together as music is a big part of their life. They create lifelong family memories with some kitchen karaoke and singalong bedtimes. 


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*Each application is considered on a case by case basis. The focus will always be to assess the prospective adopters ability to meet a child’s needs in a consistent way and to consider how the stress of adopting a child will impact on a persons disability or mental health.