Lisa and Kathryn’s story

Lisa and Kathryn had been together for 17 years and always wanted to adopt.


They contacted Adoption in Merseyside (AiM) after recently completing IVF treatment. They were asked to come back after a period of time to reflect on their recent journey.


They approached other agencies but decided to use AiM as they are part of the Local Authority and work closely with the children’s team. This means there is a higher possibility of being matched with a younger child.


“We approached AiM to complete our Initial Enquiry. We felt really happy during the stage 1 process as the social worker we had was really friendly and helpful.


We didn’t feel pressured and we were able to take everything at our own pace.


The stage 1 process was adopter led, the social workers gave us lots of information and books to do research.


The training course was interesting, and it made us reflect on our own childhoods, our relationships and how we would parent in the future and using therapeutic parenting techniques. The reflection part brought back lots of good memories but also made us more prepared to be parents.


The course is really eye opening, and it made us realise that all children have experienced trauma and neglect at some point in their lives, but it was also reassuring hearing about other adopters and their stories through the mandatory training days.


We were approved at panel and after 3 months was matched with a lovely boy that we fell in love with.


We haven’t ruled out adopting in the future but right now we are enjoying time with our little boy.


Adoption support were really helpful when we asked for some advice around our sons behaviour.


They engaged with us on a weekly basis and their guidance soon made a positive change. We now have a dedicated support worker if we ever need help in the future”.


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