Kate and Adrian’s Story

Kate and Adrian have been together for over 12 years and a few years into their relationship they realised that their next step was to have a family. Kate had tried several rounds of IVF in a previous relationship and so they decided that adoption would be a great route for them to explore.

Family Photo

Kate and Adrian


They started their adoption journey in 2013 with an information session and then progressed into stage 1. Unfortunately, within a couple of months, they had to put their adoption journey on pause as Kate had been diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, Kate and Adrian overcame this huge life challenge, started the process again and became approved adopters in Spring 2016.


“The adoption process can take a long time, but don’t be put off by this because at the end there is a family”.



They went through a process called Foster for adopt, this is where approved adopters are temporarily approved as foster carers so a baby can move into the adopters’ home. This comes with a range of benefits and risks, more information on this route into adoption can be found here.


Their first son was placed with them in their home at just 10 weeks old. Around the same time they had just purchased a new home and had it ready for their forever family. Kate said “The foster for adopt route was perfect for us and we knew the risks we were faced with.” This adoption was successfully concluded later on that year.


Just two years later, they received a phone call from their social worker, with the news that a sibling was due to be born very soon. Kate and Adrian adopted a second time to keep the brothers together and welcomed a new born baby straight from the hospital.


“We were very keen about adopting again, so the phone call came at the perfect time for us. The boys have a great bond together and we are very open about their adoption journey”.


In 2020, they received a third phone call from their social worker whose opening words were “are you sitting down?” There was a third sibling on the way. It was a harder decision to make but weighing everything up. they knew they had the space in their home and their hearts for all three boys who would get the chance to grow up with their brothers.


“We love them more and more every day, yes the process can seem daunting, but the end goal is 100% worth it and we can’t wait to see them grow and thrive”