Jennifer’s story

Jennifer always wanted to be a mum and after getting a promotion at work as an IT specialist she wanted to fulfil the next part of her life.


Jennifer could have her own birth children but chose to adopt, she had a loving and safe home to offer to a child that really needed it.


“The adoption process was so smooth, I enquired on the Wednesday and by the Friday I had an initial enquiry booked in. Overall it only took 11 months and I couldn’t be happier with the amazing support and professional service from all the team at Adoption in Merseyside”.


“I didn’t find the process overly invasive however everything from lifestyle to previous relationships had to be explored and you have to be prepared to talk about everything. I was so happy to be matched with my daughter, I knew she was the perfect match because her cheeky and happy personality was identical to mine.


“One of my favourite parts of the journey was the training. Being able to explore and analyse my past was extremely interesting and it prepares you for your future parenting style”.


“Finally welcoming my daughter in my home was incredible, her personality is shining through every day and it feels like she is my own child as we have such a great bond, I couldn’t image my life without her.”

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