Jayne and Billy’s story

Jayne and Billy always wanted children but they originally only wanted to adopt one child. However after seeing some sibling profiles, they knew they could look after the two brothers and give them a loving home. Jayne and Billy adoption


Jayne and Billy tried IVF but realised that wasn’t suitable and had their heart set on having a family of their own. “It actually took us several years to realise we wanted to adopt and it happened at the best time for us. We had always been surrounded by nieces and nephews and wanted to complete our family unit. We went along to an information session and the process from start to finish took just over 12 months.”


“The process was stressful at times and it had a lot of ups and downs, but as a couple is brought us closer together. The training is intense and a real eye opener to some of the scenarios that could happen after we had adopted, but it prepared us well and we were ready to welcome the boys into our home. “


Adoption in Merseyside were so supportive and were always there when we needed them. We have attended several after adoption sessions including Thera play and Therapeutic Parenting training which was really interesting and the boys have settled in so well. Every day is a learning curve, the boys have come on leaps and bounds and it has changed our lives for the better. I would advise anyone looking to adopt to research beforehand but just be honest throughout the process.”


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