Helen and Kieron’s story

Helen and Kieron tried for their own family and after deciding IVF wasn’t for them, they wanted to adopt. Helen and Kieron AdoptionThey spoke to people who had been adopted and adopted parents to understand more about the adoption process before contacting AiM. After the initial phone call and home visit, Helen and Kieron got the green flag to officially start their adoption journey.


“Our adoption process took around 11 months, we found it quite intense but it went smoothly overall. The best part of the process was the support and training that we received before and after the adoption. Before the adoption we attended several training days to help us figure out how we were going to parent our child together.”


“The first six months with our daughter was challenging. We recognised some development concerns but we got straight back in contact with AiM and they sent a team member around to help recognise the issues. We attended more therapeutic style training sessions and adapted our style of parenting to find one that suited our daughter and her needs. We have seen countless changes in her attitude and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.


“I would advise anyone looking to start their journey to attend an information evening or speak to someone who has recently adopted. The Adoption in Merseyside team were so helpful and professional throughout and we have also made friends with other adopters that we still speak to now.”


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