Chris and Phil’s story

Chris and Phil changed their lifestyle to ensure they were ready for the next chapter in their life, they decided to find a house with more bedrooms so they had plenty of space before they started their adoption journey.


Chris and Phil

They attended an information session and knew they wanted to adopt one child. Chris said, “We didn’t originally plan to adopt a child with developmental delays, but every child deserves a chance and when we met our son, we knew he was the perfect match. We were well supported by friends, family and the professional team at AiM so we knew we could take on the challenge.”


“We knew we wanted to adopt a second child a few years later when we saw the profile of a lovely red headed boy. We didn’t realise at the time that he had a brother but we couldn’t split the brothers up, so we adopted both. This all happened pretty quickly and the siblings were in our home within 12 months.”


“Our dedicated social worker throughout the whole process was fantastic, we could rely on her for a chat whenever we wanted and the after adoption support we receive is easily available. There are so many ups and downs throughout the process and it can be very intense, but it’s our happy chaos. I would advise anyone wanting to adopt to ensure you have a big support network around you but remember to stay positive as the end result is worth it.”


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