04 August 2021

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Training and support for our prospective adopters

Training and support for our prospective adopters

We need our prospective adopters to be as prepared as they can be for the challenges of parenthood so we offer plenty of training and resources for those going through the adoption process.


All our prospective adopters will have a designated social worker who will guide and support them throughout the adoption journey.


The mandatory training days includes preparation training in stage 1 (3 days) and stage 2 (1 day). Some adopters call the training days ‘preparing for parenthood’ as it includes the knowledge and skills needed to parent an adopted child.

Social Worker Talking To Mother With Young Baby


The stage 1 preparation training will provide detailed information about the process, the types of trauma that our children experience, preparing you for the reality of parenting a child or children that have experienced trauma and introducing you to therapeutic parenting and attachment theories.


We make it interactive and we always ensure the activities and information is based around our children’s needs.


It’s important that all prospective adopters are open with learning about the different aspects that come with adoption such as contact with birth family and the life story work.


The training days are also reflective and its a chance for attendees to think about their own childhood and how they intend to parent in the future. We also invite a range of speakers to attend including a previous adopter and an adoption support worker.


“I have come away from the preparation training with much more knowledge than I started with, the preparation training has given a good foundation and I am looking forward to building on this now by continuing with training and learning.  I also feel the preparation has given clarity on some area’s I was maybe unsure of to start with.” – Stage 1 training feedback


The stage 2 training is a one day course and is based on therapeutic parenting techniques. We would advise anyone thinking about adopting to read up on this topic, research has shown this is a useful and effective parenting style for children that have experienced trauma.


We also host friends and family training, its important that our potential adopters have a strong support network and we encourage them to come along to learn more about the children and how best to support their loved ones going through the adoption process.


There is a lot of support available during and after the adoption process, contact us today if you want more information