The checks to become an approved adopter

There are two main stages to becoming an approved adopter.

Stage one includes a range of checks and references that forms part of the stage two assessment. The checks in stage one are to ensure all safeguarding standards are met.

During the stage one adoption process, there is a range of different checks that are completed.

These checks include;

  • DBS Disclosure
  • Full medical
  • Statutory checks
  • Previous local authority checks
  • Employer’s references
  • Personal references (three family members and three friends)
  • References from all significant previous partners (lived with or co-parented a child)
  • Foreign Police check (if you have lived/worked abroad for 12 months or more since the age of 18 years).
  • School reference for any dependent children living with you or living elsewhere
  • Pet assessment

There are a few other financial and house checks that also take place during the stage one process.

More information about our checks can be found in our information pack on page 11, please request our information pack here.

If you want more a casual chat with one of our professional team about any of these processes and your circumstances, please contact us.