The benefits of adopting siblings

Over 50% of Merseyside’s children that are waiting for loving families are part of a sibling group.

The thought of adopting siblings may seem daunting, but it’s an area that is explored early in the process.
The main things to consider are:

The benefits of adopting siblings

Keeping siblings together wherever possible

  • How could two or more children impact your life?
  • Do you have the space in your home?
  • Can you cope with the needs of two or more children?
There are great benefits to adopting siblings.
Keeping children together means they can grow up together.
Siblings will have formed a very strong bond, they have been the only constants in each other’s lives.
Adopted children have experienced hard times. They have this shared experience to help support each other in the future.
Keeping this bond is important. It’s usually the longest relationship they will have in their lifetime.
Siblings may have their usual arguments or squabbles. Yet, research shows that having a sibling relationship can help a child thrive.
Siblings must learn how to share and care for each other, especially our adopted children. They not only have to learn to share toys but emotions and feelings too.
Other benefits include;
If prospective adopters know they want to adopt siblings, they only need to go through the process once.
This saves time and can make the matching process easier.
Adopting siblings creates that family unit quickly.
If a family wants to adopt for a second time, this can make things more complicated. There will already be a child in the home so their needs will be considered.
Most importantly, we support sibling adoption as it keeps families together.
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