Stay and Play Sessions

Cheryl is a support worker in the adoption support team. She regularly attends the Stay and Play sessions and enjoys meeting families across Merseyside. Cheryl has completed a Q&A session to encourage more families to attend the sessions.


  • So, what is Stay and Play?

Stay and Play is a supported family group run by Adoption in Merseyside.


  • Who can join the Stay and Play Sessions?

Adoptive parents and their pre-school children, whether you’re a month into the adoption journey or years, all are welcome. Supporters such as grandparents, aunts and uncles are also welcome. Just book on via the link that is sent out in the monthly AiM newsletter.


  • When and where are the sessions?

The sessions take place in local soft play centres. They happen once per month on a Wednesday morning, alternating between a venue in Sefton and another on the borders of Liverpool and Knowsley, for access across the Merseyside area. You can attend either venue as you choose.


  • Is there a cost?

There is no cost for those attending, the admission fee is taken care of by Adoption in Merseyside. However, refreshments and snacks are not included and would need to be purchased or brought along.


  • What can people expect when they come along?

We have chosen venues that are exciting for little ones, a safe environment for them to explore, whilst parents can grab a cuppa and have a chat. Experienced staff are available for advice and support, whether you’re parents for the first time or if you’ve already got older children, there can be challenging times and we can help.


  • What is the best thing about the Stay and Play sessions in your opinion?

I really love the sessions, it’s wonderful to be able to provide a listening ear or point someone in the direction of support. But, the best thing about the stay and play sessions is when parents meet others who just ‘get it’, in a way that friends and family often don’t. You can talk freely and openly without judgement and feel heard and understood.


  • What would you say to any adopters who are thinking of coming along, but are not completely sure?

I would say to anyone thinking of coming along, to give it a go. Try it once and see how it feels. Everyone is welcomed and we appreciate how tricky it can be to get up and out with little ones, especially if there are challenges, so we never worry if you can’t make it on the day, just come along next time or when you can. We look forward to meeting you.