Self care for parents

New Year resolutions to lose weight, get fit, take up a new hobby and make more time for self-care, it’s not surprising that a lot of our new year goals don’t last. We shouldn’t be putting so much pressure on ourselves but self-care ensures that we are looking after our mental health and prioritising our own needs.


Many parents often find that self-care is way down their list of priorities, behind the needs of the children, work, spouse, or even the dog. Remember, self care isn’t selfish.


Many of us will admit to not taking enough time to look after ourselves properly, even though we acknowledge the importance of looking after our own physical, emotional and psychological needs.  But, remember the analogy of the nose diving aeroplane – you need to put your own oxygen mask on first, in order to put your child’s oxygen mask and care for them.  Self-care is the same, in order to care for your children, its vital to care for yourself first.


There are now a large number of articles on the subject of self care, and its importance.


Here are some ideas of how to improve your mental health through self care;

  • Get regular exercise
  • Practice gratitude
  • Take time to relax – meditation or a relaxing bath
  • Eat healthy and reduce alcohol intake
  • Speak to friends and meet on a regular basis

Here are a few links for more advice on self care

https://www.adoptionuk.org/self-care and https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/types-of-mental-health-problems/mental-health-problems-introduction/self-care/