Preparing for the summer holidays

The summer holidays are approaching and for many, it can be an anxiety-inducing time.


For other families, the school holidays are a brilliant time, as the worry of school isn’t there.
But, trying to spend quality time with children while trying to juggle day-to-day life isn’t always easy.
Here are some top tips for making the holidays more manageable:


Having a timetable can help with having a more structured week.
Draw the days out on a piece of paper and then fill in the days when you find activities to do. You can break it down into AM or PM or hourly, do what works best for your family.
Having a schedule gives the child an understanding that there are things to look forward to. You can add to it as you go along and put it up in the morning or at the start of the week.
Lack of structure can be worrying for some children. Try to have some structure in your days, even if it’s meal times.



Try and build in a mixture of different activities so they have a way of burning off energy. Exercise is a great regulator for everyone.
Calming activities like crafts, board games etc are also good if your child will play them.
Relaxing days are always a good idea as well. Relaxing at home, watching movies and chilling out can provide well-needed downtime.
Having too many things going on can be tiring and overwhelming for everyone. Try and find a good balance for your family.

Parental Presence

Try to up your presence in the run-up to the holidays and during it. It helps to reduce anxiety and create a stronger bond. That time when they get your undivided attention is so important.


Do lots of self-care in the run-up to the holidays so that you top your tank up as much as you can.
Plan something for the end of the holidays when the children are also back at school. It gives you something to look forward to.
Try and do a mixture of self-care during the holidays as well. Perhaps going swimming with your child/ren or some journaling while your child/ren is drawing.
Also, remember to limit your social media.
Social media only ever shows the best bits. Seeing images of other families on holidays doesn’t always show a true reflection.
Limiting social media will make you be more present with your children and you’re less likely to see unrealistic images of family life.