LGBT+ Adoption and Fostering Week 2024

LGBT+ Adoption and Fostering Week takes place on the 4th-10th March 2024. It’s a week to celebrate those who have gone through the process and to raise awareness for those wanting to adopt or foster.


Adoption in Merseyside (AiM) has approved 31 people to adopt from the LGBT+ community since merging over 5 years ago.


The Head of Service for AiM, Kath Descher stated “We welcome a range of people to come and apply to adopt. It doesn’t matter about your sexual orientation or gender, if you can offer a loving and safe home to a child, we want to hear from you.”


Many people think they can’t adopt due to their circumstances or background, however, this isn’t necessarily the case. There are currently 55 children in Merseyside waiting for a family and there is currently no waiting list to be matched, making the process quicker and more efficient compared to some other agencies.


Matt and Joe adopted their sons and are now a family of four.


“We’ve done lots of research around adoption and the process was very reflective and informative. Nothing prepares you for the reality of parenthood, but the process provided lots of training which we still use today.


The process can be intense but knowing that our children trust us and feel safe is what being a family is about. Being a parent comes with challenges, but we wouldn’t change it for anything. I would advise anyone thinking of adopting to do their research and attend an information session.”


If you want to find out more information through an information session or request an information pack