How to parent an adopted child

If you are new to adoption, you may not know that there is a particular way to parent an adopted child. Research has shown that our children respond best to therapeutic parenting.
But what is therapeutic parenting?
Therapeutic parenting
Therapeutic parenting is a way of parenting a child that has experienced early trauma.
It is an attitude to parenting that is focused on being nurturing. This approach will help to develop and build trust between the child and parent.
This approach can also support parents in developing and understanding their children’s behaviour. It will help parents to connect with their child before supporting behaviour management.
The PACE approach is the foundation of Therapeutic Parenting. It stands for Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity & Empathy. This style of parenting is to develop and strengthen attachment and safety.
We encourage all our adopters to use this style of parenting to help adopted children.
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