£8m for adoption support during Covid-19

The Government has announced a time-limited national emergency budget in addition to the Adoption Support Fund. Regional Adoption Agencies will be given a proportion of this budget to make applications for Adoptive and Special Guardian Order families in their area.

Adoption Support Manager for Adoption in Merseyside, Wandzia Cody, states, ‘We are so thrilled that this funding has been allocated to Adoption Support across the country. We have seen a big increase in support needed for adoptive families across Merseyside since the Covid-19. Most families are struggling at this time with their children, however this traumatic time is intensified with the challenging start that adopted children have experienced and families can be at breaking point when they contact us.’

Children that have been adopted have usually experienced trauma. This can include both physical and emotional abuse which can often lead to behavioural difficulties or learning delays. During this extremely testing time, these traumas can become more challenging and can often lead to families being unable to cope. Adoption in Merseyside offers support that provides therapeutic parenting techniques and access to the Adoption Support Fund (ASF) which can be a lifeline for many families.

The ASF was launched in 2015 and has helped more than 45,000 adoptive and special guardianship order families across the country. The therapies available through the Covid-19 Adoption Support Fund will be delivered alongside those already offered by the Fund, such as music activities, play therapy and family support sessions.

Jenny Ness, Head of Service at AiM, said, ‘We know the Adoption Support Fund is a huge part for our families to access the support they need and can be the exact therapy they need before a breakdown happens. Each application that comes forward is assessed by the professional team and we ensure the best treatment is provided. The Covid-19 Additional Support Fund will sit outside the current scope of funding to ensure we can provide additional support to our families during this difficult time.’