7 tips when travelling with children

Easter and bank holidays are upon us and for some families travelling can be an exciting part.
But not everyone enjoys traveling, especially children. Travelling can often make them feel restricted and overstimulated.

This can lead to tears and tantrums.

Children in car

Children in car with teddy

But, being organised can make those journeys a bit easier.
Here are some tips to help with those trips;


  1. Travel in the evening (if possible) – the sensation of being in a moving vehicle can be settling for children. Hopefully it will send them off to sleep.
  2. Take a sick bag – it’s common for children to feel unwell when traveling, so bring a sick bag and some wipes.
  3. Snack box – this is a must have, and you can decide when to give it to them to ensure your journey stays calmer for longer.
  4. Travel potty – for children, but it can also be used by adults if needed. You might need a toilet roll as well.
  5. Books – ask the children to pick a range of books for the journey. We would suggest the ‘Choose’ books or ‘Where’s wally’ as it could keep them entertained for a while.
  6. Car bin – this might seem obvious but with the snacks and toilet roll, it could get messy quickly.
  7. Ipads and headphones – these are perfect for when all else fails. Download some of their favourite BBC shows before you leave. Then you can watch them offline wherever you’re travelling too.