John's story

John’s story

Male teen sitting in room on his phone
Male teen sitting in room on his phone

“My name is John, I am 16 and I was adopted by my Mum and Dad when I was a one. Zoe and Phil (my birth Mum and Dad), had lots of problems – they drank a lot and used to argue a lot. This is what my Mum and Dad have told me growing up. They have also told me Zoe and Phil loved me but their problems were just too big to keep me safe.


“So I get why I was adopted and I love my Mum and Dad loads, but I went through a stage a few years ago of questioning who I was and I was angry at everyone. Luckily for me, I have a great Mum and Dad who are patient with me and talked to me about why I might feel certain ways. I also had a social worker for a bit from the support team, she helped too. She would come and talk to my mum and dad to help them to understand why sometimes I did the things I did, like shouting and getting angry.

``I am just like any other 16 year old, I like footie and being with my mates.``

“Some of my close mates know I am adopted, ones I can trust. It took me a long time to tell people as I needed to know I can trust them. In primary school I got picked on by a kid coz I was adopted, but my mum and dad spoke to the school and the kids mum and dad to sort it out.


“I want to say to people thinking about adoption, adoption is one of the best things that could have happened to me and I feel comfy with knowing who I am in my adopted family and who I was when I was born into my birth family. One thing I would say to people thinking about adoption is don’t lie to your kids, my Mum and Dad always told me the truth when I asked questions. It hurt hearing the answers sometimes, but I am glad they told me the truth as I don’t feel at 16 I need to find Zoe and Phil. That might change in the future, but I have a Mum and Dad that can support me in finding them.”

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